Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why ITIL is still the heartbeat of IT services

Its perspective at the sharp end of ITIL projects means APM Group is well placed to see the benefits of implementing ITIL. Jessica Barry, APMG’s accreditor co-ordinator, explains why ITIL is still an extremely useful business tool and Version 3 is exactly what the industry needs to continue improving.

The issues surrounding ITIL and service management generate some heated debates.  On this website alone there are lots of examples of people who are pro-ITIL and evangelise on its benefits, but there are just as many who think it is removed from the working realities faced by service providers.
The APM Group has the role of accreditor for the ITIL scheme.  We accredit the examination institutes who work with training companies who in turn help end users adopt and embed ITIL.  We also manage the examination scheme, so we are well placed to understand the debate about ITIL, and answer some of the more burning questions that people are discussing.
Our view, naturally, is that ITIL is an extremely useful method, especially with the added dimensions offered by Version 3.  Our latest figures show that about 500,000 V3 certificates have been issued to candidates and every month there are more candidates taking the qualifications than the previous month.  The international appeal of ITIL V3 is also extending, and we have translated papers into 20 languages.  Translations are triggered when there is demand – usually measured by a significant number of Foundation examinations in a particular country.  itSMF’s international chapters push for translations when they’ve got candidates asking for them – this in itself is a testament to ITIL’s value.



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